Simple Media Solutions puts Car Finance client in the driving seat

Forward Asset Finance – Car Finance

Getting found is only half the battle!

We all know that a successful marketing campaign has two sides – 1. Making sure that customers can find our clients and 2. Making sure that when they do, they choose to do business with them.  This 2 pronged approach was firmly in mind when we reviewed our existing car finance client in preparation for the start of their new SEO campaign.

In the digital marketplace, it is now essential that our clients fully utilise their websites to promote and encourage commerce with every potential customer that clicks on to their home page.  In the age of smartphones and social media, this means that a website HAS TO BE MOBILE FRIENDLY!

With this in mind, we are pleased to announce the launch of Forward Asset Finance’s new WEBSITE, which has gone live this week.

Forward Asset Finance – Car Finance & Asset Finance for everyone!

The client are a specialist finance broker that provide a wide range of finance products for almost any kind of asset purchase you can think of – car finance, office equipment finance, business leasing, commercial vehicle finance, IT equipment finance, asset finance.

They provide products to both commercial and private customers alike.  Their main focus currently is their Car Finance products and their Van Finance products, as these provide the majority of their current business.

One of the key products that they were keen to promote, was the new packages aimed at Young Drivers (or recently Graduated Drivers).  Generally, this demographic finds it hard to get low cost finance, so they were keen to get a foothold in the market with the great deals they had for this market.

The need for mobile compatibility!

Simple Media Solutions had already ran a successful digital marketing campaign for this client, using their existing website throughout 2015.

The original Forward Asset Finance Website had very little wrong with it.  It was well constructed, had no errors or missing files, it loaded well and was very easy to navigate around.  In fact the client was reasonably happy with it and hadn’t considered changing it until recently.

There were, however, two main issues with the website that we discussed with the client as we entered into the new digital marketing campaign with them:

  1. The overall design was beginning to look a little dated in comparison to some of their competitors, and
  2. The website was NOT mobile friendly, and therefore the client agreed that they were likely to be losing a lot of potential custom from the young drivers they were attempting to attract to their new Young Driver Finance and Graduate Driver Finance products, as a high percentage of these customers would use mobile devices to search for finance.

Solutions Delivered

Simple Media Solutions designed a new, fully responsive website that was both visually appealing but still easy to navigate through.  The main benefit, though, was the fact that the new website was fully mobile friendly and suited to access via any number of mobile phones and tablets.

We have also adjusted the marketing plan and keyword strategy to better reflect the client’s priorities for the coming year, and provided them with detailed monthly reports so that they can track the effectiveness of their new website.

If you would like to see what Simple Media Solutions can do for your website, please do not hesitate to contact us:


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