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Our work is determined by the people we employ. Therefore, we take recruitment very seriously to make sure we maintain our quality of work. Growing over the past two years we have built a portfolio of happy customers. This is down to the work we produce and how we interact with our clients making sure they are happy at every stage.

We believe a good working environment is key to keeping staff happy which is reflected onto our clients. As an employee of Simple Media Solutions you are expected to fit in with team and do your job well. Our industry is client driven hence our staff need to know the industry and be able to talk to the clients confidently.

If you feel you have what it takes then please apply below.

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Simple Media Solutions Recruitment

The key to our success

Within Simple Media Solutions there are a number of divisions that work together to produce great results. Firstly, we have an in-house team of designers and SEO experts that collaborate to ensure our high standards are met. Secondly, we have a sale division that highlights to potential clients the great work that we produce and hopefully bring them on board to keep everyone busy. Thirdly, we have a customer success team and accounts division that ensure the clients are kept happy and that the wages are paid. Having all these division working together is the key to our success and ensures that our clients our taken care of at every stage.

If you feel this work be the work environment you are after, please send in an application. We are always looking to bring the right people to help us grow so even if you don’t see a vacancy that suits you below then still apply, you never know.

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