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The key to defeating your online competitors lies in the quality of your ecommerce platform. Your marketing department can devise compelling campaigns, but if you don’t have the means to convert those customers through your website, they’ll simply move on to someone who can. At Simple Media Solutions, we combine gorgeous web design with an ecommerce platform that’s custom-built to increase your conversions. At its heart, your ecommerce website is a buy and exchange scenario but in an online environment. You wouldn’t buy from a retailer with a dilapidated, run down shopfront so why expect a consumer to purchase from a site whose ecommerce platform is not easily navigable with a design and layout which is not customer-friendly?

We will provide Ecommerce SEO, we will take the keywords most searched for by consumers in your industry and integrate them into every part of your website’s structure including its content, meta descriptions and tags as well as URL structure. By doing so we will raise your website above others on the results page so it is much more visible.

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Ease of Purchasing

Transactions are now no longer restricted by Time or Place

Transactions are now no longer restricted by Time or Place
An ecommerce website across any of the platforms open up all sorts of possibilities between your business and the consumer because you are setting up an exchange of goods and services profitable to both parties. The ease of buying online with the touch of a button encourages customers to make decisions quickly and easily whilst you will find more business coming your way because little physical effort is required on the consumer’s part. The preponderance of mobile phones in modern society has had an even greater impact on the value of ecommerce. A longstanding advantage is the ability to make purchases at any time of the day since the online marketplace is not constrained in the same way as the physical one is with many premises closing for business in the early evening. If you want to make a purchase in the morning soon after waking up or whilst you’re eating dinner in the evening, there is nothing to prevent you from doing so and the seller will be aware of the purchase before you even begin taking your shower or washing the dishes. With the popularity of mobile phones, the ability to make a purchase anywhere with an internet connection has been added to the list of benefits ecommerce provides to businesses, particularly when you are featured highly in the search engine rankings. This is something we can do with our bespoke SEO services. Transactions are now no longer restricted by time or place.

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Increase Sale volumes through E-Commerce

Each of our ecommerce projects involves the use of an intelligently designed Content Management System (CMS), making the process of maintaining your online store as simple as possible. Prices, special offers, product descriptions – these can all be adjusted and published within a few clicks. Don’t be overawed by what’s involved in a typical ecommerce project.

With a dedicated CMS platform on your site, not only will it increase consumer traffic to your online store but you can also gain a better understanding of your key demographics by requesting information during the transaction process which will help you with future consumer targeting. With a brand new ecommerce site even the smallest, most traditional business will soon find themselves rapidly growing and developing within the online marketplace.

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Benefits Of E-Commerce Websites:

  • SSL Certification
  • Integrated Payment Gateway
  • Bespoke CMS
  • Continuous Technical Support