Facebook mobile users reach record high

Facebook’s mobile users to reach record high in 2016

A new report, published last week, has indicated that 2016 will see record usage of Facebook in the coming year. The study, carried out by established Online Marketing Research company – eMarketer – breaks down this continued growth in mobile social media usage into interesting statistics that we can use when planning future marketing strategies.

It’s no secret that Social Media is an increasingly productive way to interact with your customers, and increase sales (both direct and indirect). However, it is not a golden goose and shouldn’t be over-simplified as such. Getting a return on your investment in any social media campaign, requires the same consideration and planning as any other marketing strategy.

Is Social Media / Facebook right for my business?

Every firm should have a social media presence, but some firms will find it easier than others to build new followers and sales opportunities via their social media channels. For example, a firm offering luxury/desirable goods like fashion clothing, watches, trendy restaurants/bars, designer kitchens or hot tubs etc. would find that their natural growth in likes/shares/enquiries would increase at a higher rate than a less desirable type of industry sector such as emergency trade companies for example.

The reason for this is that the former fall into the category of ‘WANTS’ and the latter fall into the category of ‘NEEDS’.

This is an important consideration when deciding how much time and effort you want to put into a social media campaign. If your firm falls into the ‘Wants’ category, then it could very well be worthwhile investing in a managed social media campaign, with an a budget for paid/sponsored posts and advertisements.

A great example of this, is our client LA Boutique. This client is a relatively new start-up business, that launched in November 2015 with a fully responsive eCommerce website. Despite only trading for a little over 4 months, this client has managed to increase their Facebook following from zero to over 5000 in that short period – using only a minimal budget and an effective organic post schedule & strategy.

If we look at the last week (29th Feb 2016 – 06th Mar 2016) alone for this client, we can quickly pull the following statistics from her Facebook page:

  • An additional 336 potential customers have ‘liked’ her page in the last 7 days alone (bringing the total as of 07th March 2016 to 5217 likes)
  • 704 potential customers have viewed the page in the past 7 days
  • 92 customers have clicked through to the website or the ‘Shop Now’ button in the past 7 days
  • This page’s posts have reached 69,805 people this week, with 18,176 total interactions with the posts (click throughs, likes, shares, comments etc.)

This client is now looking to increase their spend on social media advertising as they can already see it paying dividends already in a relatively short period of time.

What if my business falls into the ‘NEEDS’ category?

A valid question but, although this means you should consider how effective an intensive social media campaign (with sponsored adverts/posts etc.) might be, there are still a number of valid reasons why having a social media presence and managing your channels effectively is important:

  • Trust! – One of the most important things that you will hear marketing professionals talk about is TRUST.  The nature of social media allows customers to interact directly with your firm in the same way they are now accustomed to doing with their friends.  If you use and update your social media properly, customers will be more likely to put trust in your company when they can:
    • See recent updates / news / special offers
    • See photographs of actual work that has been carried out (as opposed to stock images)
    • See customer reviews and recommendations
  • Customer Recommendations – Often people will turn to their social network to seek advice and recommendations on work they need carried out – posts such as “can anyone recommend a good plumber?” or “hi guys, where’s the best place to get my car fixed in Glasgow” are an all too common sight on social media feeds nowadays.
    • Having your own Social Media Page (particularly on Facebook) allows your former customers to offer their friends a direct link through to your business.   Direct referrals are obviously a free source of business and a great way to grow regular customers.
    • Although the trust value in a direct recommendation is already higher than through other sources, customers will still want to see what the firm is like and this takes us back to the first point about increasing trust.

So as you can see, effective Social Media Management isn’t necessarily about throwing money at your pages to get quick results, it’s about managing your Social Media channels effectively so that they build your brand and reputation as part of a longer term strategy.  Simple but effective Social Media Management is something we can also help with, if you feel that you may not have the time or understanding to do so.

What does this particular report tell us though?

So we know that Social Media CAN be effective as a marketing tool but what can this report tell us about how effective it might be for your business?  Well let us break things down for you.  Here’s a brief outline of the key findings:

  • For the first time ever, OVER HALF of the UK population will sign into Facebook at some point this year.  That equates to a whopping 33.2 million potential customers using Facebook in the UK this year alone.
  • This is a 3% increase on last year (this growth figure is actually slowing, but there are large sections of the remaining population that are unlikely to use social media – such as the very young or elderly – so the pool of potential new users is getting disproportionately smaller)
  • Around 90% of people who use Social Media (in any form) in the UK, will have a Facebook account.
  • Around 26.9 million users will access Facebook via a mobile device this year!  (that equates to 81% of all UK Facebook users and emphasises the need for your company website to also be mobile friendly – Contact Us for more information on this)
  • There are more women using facebook than men in the UK – with around 3 million more facebook users being women

So how can this help your business?

Well the answer to that question will vary from firm to firm.  It is impossible to have a ‘One-size fits all’ approach to Social Media.  At Simple Media Solutions, we look at each enquiry as a bespoke opportunity and try to assess your business needs and potential from an online marketing perspective.

We are always happy to have an informal discussion about your options, or arrange for one of our account managers to visit you at your own premises and go through things in greater detail.

Call us now on 0141 231 1100, or Email Us if you have any further questions.