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The most successful search engine marketing (SEM) campaigns rely on both Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising working together. While it takes time for SEO campaigns to reap rewards, PPC has the ability to drive valuable traffic to your website within hours. Here at Simple Media Solutions, our Google AdWords qualified Pay-Per-Click experts will go further than creating basic text adverts. Everything we do is researched using the best tools available within the industry, allowing us to access the highest yielding keywords with customers that will convert. PPC Glasgow is a quick, effective method of attracting customers to your site (and most often for sales or form completions a CPC – cost-per-click strategy will be used). This is emphasised if your site and brand has been newly created and needs to increase its exposure to consumers and the wider market which could be where a CPM cost per 1000 impressions strategy is used. Really it depends on your overall objectives, which we would be more than happy to discuss with you.

Our PPC Glasgow based Google AdWords certified professionals are qualified in Google Shopping, Search, Display, You Tube Advertising and will have the correct conversion tracking and ad extensions set up  allowing campaign success measurement against KPI’s set out in your consultation.

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Keyword Phrases Relevant to your Target Market

PPC is available on a range of web channels including search engines and selected websites. Google, Bing and YouTube are the most well known and commonly used in PPC campaigns. Although they run very different types of ads, the Search Network and Display Network are both highly effective methods to convey your brand’s message. The Search Network delivers your traditional text ads whilst the Display Network displays image and videos as well as textual ads, depending on the particular website. To provide you with an efficient, reliable PPC Glasgow service, one of our dedicated PPC managers will bid on keyword phrases and search networks that are relevant to your target market. Whatever your industry, whether FMCG, hospitality or construction, it will have specific keyword phrases which the majority of people interested in products and services produced by that industry are searching for on the web. Our PPC in Glasgow allows us to hone in on the keywords and networks which will be most beneficial to your business and attract potential customers to your site.

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Dedicated PPC Campaign Manager

Involve you at every Stage

Each of our clients is assigned a dedicated PPC Manager, capable of making the necessary proactive and reactive adjustments as required for your campaign to succeed. We’ll involve you at every stage, sharing our results and insights at regular intervals. Your PPC manager will research your market and determine the most profitable channel for your ad. If you have a strong social media presence and are a frequent poster or tweeter, then a social media sponsored ad could be beneficial to your overall strategy. Social Media Marketing is a completely different discipline of digital marketing, but our dedicated team is also highly experienced in this area. The ultimate goal for PPC campaigns is all about getting “bang for your buck”. We know what the bottom line is and what is required to get those conversions. Sometimes we might need to build specific landing pages on your site for your campaigns to convert effectively or it may be enough to optimise a particular page that’s already there.

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